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Staff Welfare
December, 2019
SCIB Sports Day 2019

On 15 December 2019, SCIB organised Sports Day at Padang Jubilee MBKS packed with loads of friendly competition, race, games and activities to encourage our employees to get out in the sunshine and have healthy fun which also helps team building. We believe that Impeccable teamwork can help yield stellar results. By engaging in these activities, everyone on the team works towards a common goal where it helps build unity and camaraderie among employees and the management team.

Location : Padang Jubilee, MBKS
Organized By: Tabung SCIB and HRA Department
No. of Employees Involved: All employees
July, 2019
Gawai Raya Open House

To celebrate the joy of dual celebration of Gawai and Raya, we have organized a get-together gathering that signifies the unity of our people regardless of diverse ethnics origins and religious beliefs.

Location : SCIB Conference room
Organized By: HRA Department
No. of Employees Involved: All employees
May, 2019
Majlis Berbuka Puasa.

To strengthen the working relationship amongst the employees and to commemorate the holy month of Ramadhan.

Location : ACS Building, Jalan Stampin, Kuching
Organized By: Corporate Services Department
No. of Employees Involved:270 employees(Pending Factory, IBS Factory & SPDL Factory)
May, 2019
In-House Badminton Tournament

To create a platform for social interaction and to encourage employees have regular exercise or physical activity.

Location : Bintawa Badminton Court, Kuching
Organized By: Factory Manager
No. of Employees Involved: 35 participant (office staff & factory workers)
March, 2019
Safety & Health Committee Training

The objective of this training is to educate workers a basic, concrete understanding of how to recognize hazardous situations and how to problem solve appropriately when the situation or task changes or when something unexpected happens.

Location : Pending office
Organized By: HSE Department
No. of Employees Involved: All employees