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Our Corporate Social Responsibilities
October, 2023
PIBAKAT Food Fair & Charity Sales 2023

SCIB had took part in the Pibakat Food Fair & Charity Sales 2023 held at the Christian Ecumenical Worship Center.

The activity aim to support children and young adults with special needs, enhance their quality of life, raise awareness about their challenges, and promote inclusivity within the community. The event fostered connections, volunteerism, and contributions to create a more supportive environment.

The proceeds from the charity sales were handed over to the Pibakat person in charge, marking a successful effort to support a worthy cause and reinforcing our commitment to social responsibility.

Location : Christian Ecumenical Worship Centre, Kuching
Organized By: Pertubuhan Ibubapa Kanak-kanak Keperluan Istimewa Sarawak (PIBAKAT)
July, 2023
Blood Donation Drive - Ohh Kitak Juh Derma Darah!

In celebration of Sarawak Day, SCIB collaborated with the Sarawak Blood Bank to host a remarkable Blood Donation Drive, which was a resounding success. The event received an overwhelming response, reflecting the compassion and unity of Sarawakians. With the generous contribution of 132 successful donors, the blood bank has been replenished, potentially saving numerous lives.

As a token of appreciation, we also expressed our heartfelt gratitude by presenting the first 120 participants with microfibre shirts and goodie bags as a symbol of recognition for the donors' selflessness and dedication to the welfare of others.

While the Blood Donation Drive has concluded, the spirit of giving continues to inspire us. Let us carry this sense of compassion and community forward, fostering a culture of caring and positively impacting the well-being of others in every way we can.

Total registered donors: 158
Total successful donors: 132

Location : Sarawak General Hospital Blood Bank (“SGH Blood Bank”)
Organized By: SCIB CSR Team, Blood Bank Sarawak
7 & 8
June, 2023
Outreach Programme SK Nanga Pedai and SK Nanga Jagoi, Kanowit, Sibu.

Our CSR initiatives have involved numerous community outreach programs aimed at supporting orphaned children, and underprivileged communities to name a few. Through these programs, we have been able to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need and contribute to the betterment of our local communities.

Upholding our unwavering dedication to progress in education, we have contributed SK Nanga Pedai and SK Nanga Jagoi with cash donations, a few refurbished computers, and printers as part of this initiative, in addition to enhancing the school infrastructure for a more conducive environment.

Location : SK Nanga Pedai and SK Nanga Jagoi, Kanowit
Organized By: SCIB CSR Team