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SCIB Hollowcore Slab
Also known as a voided slab or hollowcore plank is a precast slab of prestressed concrete typically used in the construction of floors.

What is the benefit of using hollowcore slabs?

Rapid Construction
Hollowcore slabs are cut to lengths to suit the building design before leaving the factory, resulting in safe and speedy construction and reduced cost.

Working Platform
Hollowcore slabs provide an immediate working platform for other track once grouted.

Long Span
Hollowcore slabs achieve long span, resulting in flexible open space with fewer beams, walls and supporting columns.

No Formwork or Propping
Expensive formwork and temporary props are eliminated.

High Load Capacity
Hollowcore slabs can support the heavy loads required in most factories, warehouses and storage buildings.

Fire Resistance

All slabs have a 1 hour fire resistance. This can however be enhanced up to 4 hours.

Holes for Services
Holes can be preformed to accommodates services, dependent on size and location.
Typical Section Profile
150mm thick slab
200mm thick slab
250mm thick slab
250mm thick slab (Extruder)
* Currently SCIB slip-formed hollowcore slab range from 150mm-250mm.
* Standards width is 1200mm but small width are made by sawing the slab longitudinally.
Hollow Core Catalog
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