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Sarawak Concrete Roof Tile

Sarawak Concrete Roof Tile is made using the latest technology from Italy : Vortex T40

The Vortex Hydra equipment produces concrete tiles based on high-pressure extrusion process of wet concrete mixture onto aluminium moulds, also referred to as pallets, which are then cut to size.

After extrusion, tiles, oven pallets, are stored in curing chambers, where the concrete reacts and the tiles achieve the minimum strength required to sustain itself without mould.

Curing time can be of 24 hours in nature conditions, or 7-8 hours when forced heating systems are used.

The roof tiles are then separated (or de-palleted) from the mould, packed and stored on the yard whereby the concrete roof tiles can complete the hydration process to achieve the strength before dispatch.

Main features of Sarawak Concrete Colored Roof Tile Plant

Max Velocity for Concrete Roof Tiles Production:
Up to 45 tiles per minute (tpm)

Max Output:
16,000 concrete roof tiles in 8 hours shift at normal velocity of 40 tpm with one profile only. (Curing condition depends on tile profile, external temperature and must be assessed job by job).

Main Features:
Automatic batching & mixing; Automatic production; Semi Automatic Ridges/Rakes production line.

Tiles Curing:
Freshly produced tiles are cured in a concealed curing chamber to give the best result.


Why Chooses Sarawak Concrete Roof Tiles?

Lightweight concrete roof tiles with the use of the
latest European technology.


Our roof tiles are well compacted with the latest
extrusion process.

Uniquely “bold roll” profile in the range of single
and dual tone color coats.

Highest Quality
All our roof tiles are under constant monitoring and stringent quality control to ensure adherence to the strict requirements imposed by SIRIM (Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia).
Technical Specifications


Fire Rating


Head Lap

Side Lap


Tile Coverage


Batten Spacing









An extruded “Bold Roll” concrete roof tiles with single or
double pigmented color coating.

Portland Cement, Selected fine aggregate, color coat
and clear gloss finishing coat.

Incombustible and fully fire resistant.

420mm x 330mm

70mm (minimum)
100mm (normal)
105mm (maximum)


4.3kg (approx.)

9.5-10.6 per square meter

17.5 (minimum)

315mm (up to 350mm)
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